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Democracy and Development

Call for applications: Post-doctoral and Senior Research Fellowships

Our project invites applications for a total of 32 open positions: six post-doctoral and two senior research fellows at each of our four institutions for an 8-month residential fellowship program between October 1, 2024, and May 30, 2025.

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Core research themes

Democratizing the Developmental State

Exclusionary Regimes, Autocratization and Democracy

New Patterns of Mobilization for and against Democracy

Populism, Ideology and Discourse in the Global South



Webinar: Open Questions Roundtable: “Again, What Is Populism?”

Watch the recording of a webinar on "Again, what is populism?" with our co-convener Kirk…

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Lecture: Populists and Coalitional Bonding

How do illiberal governments in Europe navigate the structural constraints posed by EU governance and…

OSUN Forum on Democracy & Development

The OSUN Forum on Democracy and Development project aims to reimagine democracy in its political, social, and economic dimensions, creating a unique platform for an interdisciplinary and cross-regional exchange of ideas between scholars hailing from the Global South and Global North.

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