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Populism, Ideology and Discourse in the Global South

Levente Littvay

Levente Littvay is Research Professor at HUN-REN Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence and Senior Research Fellow at the Democracy Institute of Central European University, where he also used to be (Full) Professor of Political Science (2007-2023) and taught graduate courses in research design, applied statistics, electoral politics, voting behavior, political psychology, and American politics and was the inaugural and only two-time recipient of the university's Teaching Award (2015 for methods-, and 2021 for online teaching). Received his MA and PhD in Political Science and an MS in Survey Research and Methodology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Taught numerous research methods workshops globally and online and was one of the Advisory Board Members (2012-2015) and Academic Convenors (2015-21) of the European Consortium for Political Research Methods Schools. He is the founder and Academic Coordinator of MethodsNET, Presidium member of the Hungarian Political Science Association and head of Team Survey in Team Populism where he helped spawn the Leader Profile Series and the New Populism series with The Guardian and co-produces both the MethodsNET and Team Populism YouTube channels. He was a member of the European Social Survey’s Round 10 (2020-21) democracy and COVID19 module questionnaire design teams and Principal Investigator for the Comparative Study of Election Systems for Hungary and Tunisia. Secured close to a million EUR in grants to conduct research on survey and quantitative methods, twin and family studies, and the psychology of radicalism and populism. Other awards include the European University Institute’s Fernand Braudel Senior Research Fellowship (2019-20), the 2022 Giovanni Sartori Prize for best paper in the Italian Political Science Review / Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica, and the 2017 Morton Deutsch Award for best article in Social Justice Research. He is also published in Political Analysis, The Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, East European Politics, Political Psychology, BMC Medical Research Methodology, and along with other social science and medical journals, in Twin Research and Human Genetics where he is Associate Editor for Social Sciences. Books include Contemporary US Populism in Comparative Perspective with Kirk Hawkins in Cambridge University Press’s Elements Series and Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling with Bruno Castanho Silva and Constantin Manuel Bosancianu in SAGE’s QASS (little green book) series which was also published in Mandarin Chinese.

As the convenor of your hub, how do you perceive the general topic in relation to your hub, and how do you relate to other hubs?

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